The Come Back

Its been a while since my last blog, and a lot has happened for one, I got a role in my school musical, I joined a competition called Junk Kouture and made it to the semi finals, I got asked to senior prom and this September I started senior year. So let me begin catching up.

I love music. I dream in musical notes. I always have, I always will love music and music has always been there for me. The musical auditions happened last October and I got cast. It was minor role but it was something. And I loved it. I got to open the musical and everyone knows I have talent now. I loved being on stage and i’d love to be there again, it truly was amazing!

Junk Kouture was beautiful, my task was to prepare an outfit from garbage and I enjoyed it. My dream is to own my own fashion label and I loved getting to design something. I loved being the creator, the puppeteer of my chances. I am grateful for the opportunity and the chance to feel what my life could be like. On top of Junk Kouture, I did an eight week course at a top Irish school of the design, The Grafton Academy School for Design and I got to make my own dress. Its beautiful and now when i look clothes, I analyze, I break it down to the drawing of the pattern its like I can see in technicolor.

I got asked a prom, a year before my own prom and I wore the most sexy dress i could afford to be seen in. It was red with red glitter all over, a low U neck line, column/sheath silhouette with cut outs at the side. The guy I went with wasn’t so bad either, he was kinda guy that takes care of a girl and he wasn’t leering at me or anything like that. He was sincere, a really good date, and to thank him I kissed while the final chorus of Tonight by Fun. played, it was sweet and pure and it was all I could ask for. Over the summer i had some major self discovery, I realized I don’t need a boyfriend, and I don’t want one right now, I’m young and I’m not ready for a broken heart or the complications of a relationship. I’m gonna enjoy being single for now and I’m happier this way.

And finally its 6th year/ Senior year and hard work is to come but I’m prepared and I hope this will be a place for me vent. Look out I plan to do some major writing.


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Avid blog, TV, movie, book, music fan. Eccentric, smart, creative, ultimately dangerous.
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