Thinking Like A Man.

Ahh boys you can’t live with them, you can’t live without ’em. They way I see it boys fall into 3 categories: The McDreamies, The McSteamies and The Mr Reals. First there are The McDreamies these are the perfect guys, from a distance. Cause once you scratch the surface, you’ll find the bad baggage. Maybe this is a pessimistic view to hold but usually everyone has baggage, its just about finding someone who has baggage you can handle. It’ll be something like I have a criminal record or sentences like “Girls always complain about heels but they really aren’t that bad. I know.” OK I’m exaggerating but honestly it’ll just be something plain outrageous. Then The McSteamies, these are usually the bad boys, the attractive but intellectually lacking. These are the Drop Dead, wash board ab, fitness model types that are about as riveting as watching paint dry. Then The Mr Reals, these are the guys you didn’t expect to come along who possibly don’t have movie star looks and rock star game but these are the gems, the once in a blue moons and i guess its our responsibility to spot them.  Love one another and you will be happy; it is as simple and as difficult as that.”  – Michael Leunig. I wonder what men think about us, maybe I should just read Steve Harvey’s “Think Like A Man, Act like a Lady.” I would kill to be inside the mind of the man. I  guess the best thing to do is not to over analyze, like putting the male sex into to catergories…I’m gonna work on that.


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3 Responses to Thinking Like A Man.

  1. tom says:

    All men without washboard abs agree

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