Christmas. Again.

Last year I had a post about Christmas and my trials as chef. This year I am chef again except my sister Marilyn will NOT be here to assist me. Currently I am finalizing the menu and I logged on to see my menu from last year so as not to repeat myself.

And I admit, I suck at blogging. I have 6 posts, none really capturing a huge scope of attention but I am trying and next year when I’m in Uni, I will make a commitment to blog weekly.I have my SATs/ A levels/ Leaving Certificate/ Le Bac coming up, so yada yada yada, insert excuse here about study and need for 550 out 600 points to get my course.

I am however preparing for the big exam, the timetable has been released, yikes and I am maintaining a surreal calm, it could only determine the rest of my life! But I am finding solace in my improved cooking skill. Attached there is a photo of one my earlier cooking successes. It is roast chicken and mixed pepper salad with goats cheese and balsamic vinegarette.

Anyhow, Christmas is coming, I’m cooking tout seule/ solo. Any suggestions?

P.S. This is not just a cooking blog, just whats up in my life, yo! Thanks for reading xoxo


My Cooking : After        My Cooking : Before


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