My day. A mundane post.

I sung today with my school choir, we had a Christmas market. They let me stand right in front of the mic. The whole choir was singing but I felt special. I’m losing my voice, due to a cold and it let me down as i was singing. I had a few off notes. I’m singing again tomorrow so I guess I’ll stand somewhere else. But it was fun, it felt so jolly and Christmassy to be caroling 🙂

One of my guy friends, bought me a brownie which was nice but I’m eating healthy so I really should have opted for something else, I braided a girl friend’s hair and I sat and ate lunch with my friends after. It was really chill.

I have a girl crush, who I have been dying to talk to. You know, the type of person you wish was your friend but you don’t have the courage to talk to? Well I talked to her and she was really nice. I hope we can be friends 🙂

I talked to someone new today, a girl I’ve never really liked. She made me feel better about my incident yesterday with my teacher. I didn’t think I’d laugh about it so soon, but she made me smile. I took your advice Tom, I rose above it. I don’t want to dwell on i and ruin my holidays.

 I heard a quote; “Don’t worry about things that you can’t change.” This and other people’s kind words definitely gave me a boost. Thank you.


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